Что такое архитектура? / What is architecture?

15.10.12 Larisa Tsvetkova:

Architecture is the only discipline that does not even try to meet people’s needs.
And it has a great impact on our everyday life.

Most architectural schools all over the world are still focused on form, shape and colour. Architects are often seen as individual artists who have their own style of creating. Many of them even say they are expressing themselves in a building. But wait… why should I live, work or relax in an expression of somebody’s ego personality?

In fact architecture is: planning, thinking, reading, sketching, building, drawing, talking, asking, destroying, reconstructing, playing, living, looking… and much more than that. It is closer to science than to art. It is an interdisciplinary process.

And if it should aim to express something, let it be an attempt to make our life better and more simple.

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